Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 37 - The Last Resort to Home...Back to Reality.

It was really strange to be driving without my co-pilot. Here I was, back on the road with a 500+ mile journey in front of me and Dylan wasn't there. It was oddly quiet and disconcerting. I actually felt a little choked up knowing that, chances are, I would never get a chance to spend that much quality time with my son again. Maybe someday he'll remember all this and take his son to re-trace our steps.

I arrived home safely 37 days after Dylan and I had left. For most of the trip, I drove the speed limit and was extra careful knowing that I had my son with me and that there was a beautiful wife and mother at home waiting for us. Many, many thanks go out to Sandra for being so supportive during all of this. Being apart for so long really made us appreciate each other and both of us feel that there is something new and exciting going on. That's a fantastic thing to say after 17 years of marriage!! I also have a much greater appreciation for my son and, I hope, he has a greater appreciation and understanding of me. Though it cost thousands of dollars that we really didn't have, how can you put a price on the experience that we had? It was, and always will be, a moment in time that will live on in our minds until the day we die. Hopefully, we'll tell the stories enough that Dylan's kids will be able to re-tell the stories to their kids.

I really enjoyed sleeping in my own bed again. It seems like it's been ages since I've slept there....and I slept so very soundly. I was content and relaxed. Robby dog and Ginger were happy to see us. The birds didn't really seem to care but Junior was doing a lot of whistling when I came in so maybe he did care after all. I'll take Junior's whistling any day over some retarded Whipporwill anyway!! I had a refrigerator close by. A microwave. 3 bathrooms to choose from with nobody else in them. I didn't have to pay to use the shower. We picked up the phone to order Chinese and it was delivered 15 minutes later. There's a lot to be said for being home....and I really appreciate it.

Today, I start a new adventure......


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