Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 36 - More Photoshoot, Saying Goodbyes, Then Back to The Last Resort

Second day of Dylan's photoshoot. Sandra and I decided to drop Dylan off and go exploring a bit. We drove down to Tahoe City and went for a little walk to explore and visit a few shops. It was rather early in the morning so not too many shops were open but it was nice to just stroll along anyway. After our little exploration of Tahoe City, we sight-see a bit and drive down to Emerald Bay. What a beautiful drive it was!!! We took note of all the beautiful homes along the waterfront and agreed that it wouldn't necessarily be all bad to be friends with the homeowner. Tahoe is definitely an area that I wouldn't mind living in. I know the winters can be rough but I think the beauty of the place would make it worthwhile. On top of that, virtually every local that we encountered was genuinely nice. What a nice change from some of the surliness that Dylan and I ran across during our travels.

Emerald Bay was, of course, stunningly beautiful. It seemed that every tourist from miles around had made it their destination. Cars were parked along the highway for miles and miles so that people could take pics and hike down to the water. We finally found a place to pull off and took some pics of the stunning scenery. We just wished that we could have been down on the water.

Dylan's shoot ended early so we went back to pick him up and all the kids decided that they wanted to go swimming and hang out back at Northstar before everyone had to catch their flights and go home. All us parents had a great time just hanging out, people watching and chatting the afternoon away while the kids were out terrorizing the place. Everyone said their goodbyes, exchanged phone numbers and made their way home. Paul and Karyn met us at the airport. Dylan and Sandra were flying home and I was to go back to The Last Resort for one last evening before driving home. It's almost over.

Paul, Karyn and I decided to hang out in downtown Reno for a couple drinks before making our way back home. Had a great time drinking on the patio of a river-side bar listening to a live band. It was a very nice "wind-down" to this long, long adventure.

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