Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 33 - The Last Resort

It's so nice to be with my good friends, sleep in a real bed and eat good home-cooked food. Like I said yesterday, it's almost like my home away from home here. As usual, I was up early and enjoyed my coffee while checking emails and updating the blog. I'm really going to miss doing this; I enjoy writing. I looked out the window and noticed a small herd of antelope out on the hillside. THIS is why people live out here and endure the harsh winters, the hot, dry summers, the wind, the bugs and the solitude.

So....the scoop is that, ironically, Dylan has a photoshoot at Lake Tahoe on Friday. We had always planned to finish our road trip by visiting Paul and Karyn in Reno but, because of the photoshoot, we ended up being "time-bound" around this shoot. Sandra is flying in to be his "chaperone" because I have to work on Friday. Yes, during this whole road trip, I have been working everyday via phone and remote access. You gotta love cellular technology!!! I'm so very excited to see's been a long, long time.

Paul suggested that we head out to Pyramid Lake to do some water skiing and tubing. I was very concerned about letting my fair-skinned, blue-eyed boy out in the sun on the lake for that amount of time. I actually vetoed it because I didn't want Dylan to show up at his photoshoot with a major sunburn. He protested and pinky-promised that he would wear a hat and a Banana Boat Burka all day long. I gave in. The lake is amazing. It is this really vivid turquoise color that just reaches out and grabs you. We spent about 4 hours out there enjoying it almost by ourselves. On this huge lake, there were only about 4 boats that we could see. A great time was had by all!!!....and....Dylan survived without any sunburn at all!! Whew!!!

Came back to the "Resort" and enjoyed some Longboard Lagers, Fire Rock Pale Ales and a fantastic dinner of Lemon Chicken and Lemon Pepper Pasta. Paul has turned into a pretty damn good cook. Paul can cook like some people can draw. He eats something he likes and then goes home and tries to recreate it. Over the years, he's come up with some pretty tasty dishes!!! Kudos, my good friend!!!


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  1. Ooohhhhh, I love Pyramid Lake! Easy to get a MAJOR sunburn there, sun or clouds (haha, ask me how I know!). Is the sky still so clear that you think it's only a mile across the lake?

    As always, nice photos, cuz! Paul & Karen's place is in such a beautiful spot!